With the Zlippo course you will add extra dimension to your field of expertise.

You can follow a course on making Zlippo footwear. Even if you already work with Zlippo products, you can always refresh or deepen your knowledge. The course is then divided in two groups: beginners and advanced.

What to expect during a course:

  • Explanation on modelling the footbeds
  • Putting the podiatric flip-flops together
  • Which flip-flop models to use at which foot problems
  • Explanation and tips on how to make a nice and functional flip-flop
  • How you can make and use the digital sole library for Zlippo with your cad-system
  • How you can make Zlippo footwear even without cad cam system
  • You will receive a promotional poster of Zlippo footwear where you can place your own logo

Are you interested? Contact us and enrol in the course.