The Zlippo method

In order to make a perfect Zlippo, you need to follow this process:

The first appointment with your patient

The podiatrist takes the measurements of the patient’s feet. This can be done by hand, but in most cases a digital flatbed or 3D scanner are used. The next step is measuring the upper with a special Zlippo fitting set (supplied by Zlippo). Depending on the type of foot problem, the podiatrist selects together with the patient the most suitable flip-flop model, sandal or slipper. The patient then selects the colour of the leather, the lining and the colour of stitching.

The podiatrist places the order for the upper with Zlippo. The upper will then be individually produced and delivered within 10 – 15 days to the podiatrist. In the meantime, the podiatrist develops the footbed and sole based on the custom-made soles procedure. (plan?)

The second appointment with your patient

The podiatrist fits the uppers on the patient’s feet and attaches them to the individually made footbeds. The uppers are adjusted on the feet taking into consideration the exostosis and pressure sores. This way the finest fit is achieved.

Now your perfect Zlippo creation is ready.